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"Life is good; I think you have equipped me with some skills to deal with everything and to accept my feelings about it all, and it's all working as a strategy. Everything is feeling more than manageable!! Which is great...I really appreciate your help Faye. Our sessions have been invaluable and it has been a truly positive experience. I didn't realise how much my feelings about the past were holding me back. Just being aware of it has meant I can put it aside or learn from it, without it defining me. I feel so much happier in myself, I can't thank you enough."

"I suffered from crippling and life-long anxiety, which was in large part caused by the painful relationship with my mother. It took me many years to swallow my self-loathing pride and seek out professional counselling. All I can say is: I wish I'd done it sooner! Right from the outset, I felt in capable hands with Faye, whose experience and understanding buoyed me within minutes. She explained the nature of the counselling process very well, and together we tailored it to my ailments. Throughout our counselling sessions, I was aware of Faye's large toolbox of approaches and techniques, only a small number of which were actually required in my case. Throughout, Faye was clear about timescale and realistic about outcomes, which was very helpful. Indeed, her highly professional conduct was impressive and reassuring. The results of our counselling sessions have been remarkable: my anxiety has turned from a mountain into a molehill – manageable, not debilitating, even funny. I have been able to pursue personal and professional goals with renewed vigour, and give myself more fully to family and friends. What more could I ask for?  Thank you."

"There's not a thing a can fault about our sessions. I was so used to feeling anxious all the time, I didn't think there was any way I would ever feel what I would class as 'normal'.  I was terrified before my first session - I thought you were going to think I was totally bonkers! The fact you are so down to earth and friendly made me quickly feel comfortable talking to you.  I finally feel like those 'files' are closed; occasionally they open up again, but I know how to sort through them now!

Leaving my job was also a huge step for me, as you know, but I am so grateful you helped make me a stronger person so I could realise I was able to walk away from it. Those close to me have also noticed a significant change in me.

There really aren't enough words that can express how helpful these sessions have been.  Thank you, Faye for helping me find the old me again. "

"Having suffered multiple bereavements in a short space of time, my wife and decided it would be useful for me to seek counselling and support in order to cope with the overwhelming stresses and anxieties which threatened to take over my life. Faye was very local and had great credentials so we chose her. After a 12-week course of weekly sessions, Faye and I discussed in great detail the nature of the situations I was facing. Through her openness, warmth, humour and compassion, Faye helped me to get to grips with the reality of the pain and anger I felt over these losses and her approach has definitely 'steadied the ship' and put the wind back in my sails. I now feel more confident to push on with my life. Just having someone other my wife to talk to was a big help and not only was I able to put things in perspective, but the counselling also had a positive impact on my physical health, which had deteriorated somewhat during the moments of stress. I am very grateful to Faye for her support and will look back at our meetings with a sense of both fondness and fulfilment."

"When our lives started to be filled with anxiety, stress and anger, because of several close family bereavements, we knew we needed to talk to a professional counsellor. Not sure of what to expect, we set up an introductory meeting. Because of Faye’s experience she could ask the right questions and identify the type of help we needed from the start.

We set up a “six week” programme and from then on never looked back.

Faye is one of the easiest to talk to people we have ever met. From day one she puts you at ease and you just sit and talk. It’s almost like meeting for coffee and having a chat.

What you don’t realise is that she is getting you to talk through those difficult issues. Your worries, concerns and seeing that light grow at the end of the tunnel, helping you to put a plan in place to move forward.

Faye has both the experience, skills and professionalism to make a real difference to people’s lives for the better."

"Things are going well and most of the time I have been remarkably calm.  The techniques you taught me keep delivering and now I find I don't even check in with [them] that much.  I have to say that [work] has gone very well too, less anxiety, more pleasure and the social side has been good.  I am not sabotaging myself with negative thoughts like I used to, the inertia has mostly gone away, the morning dread is gone, I have more drive, more confidence and less self-doubt and I am dwelling far less on the past nor the future.  Long may it last! I am really glad I found you.  You created a place where I felt I could unburden myself and deal with my anxieties, you were very perceptive, at times drew out some pertinent issues from my past that were not being resolved or just accepted and expertly guided me through what was quite a troubled time for me.  I know where to come if I need some more advice and help and I am so grateful.  Many, many thanks."

"I just wanted to let you know [our daughter] arrived on Tuesday at 12.41pm.  I was extremely calm and relaxed throughout and was completely in 'the zone.  We can't thank you enough for your help and support, I couldn't have done it without you."

"My dear Faye, You ended your last email to me saying, "thank you for putting your trust in me".  Faye, I did that and received support, encouragement, acceptance, care, humour, warmth..... you helped me to like and love myself again.  I hope and pray others will be brave enough to do the same."

"In relation to my IBS I have been dealing with it exceptionally well!  It has been a long while since a particularly 'bad' flare up, so I can only thank you for helping with that!  I have a totally different mindset now!"

"I have to say that from the moment we met you, [we both] thought that you would be someone he could really talk to.  In common with a lot of teenage boys, he doesn't find talking about his feelings very easy but was very relaxed and happy to talk to you.  He did initially have some concerns that talking about things might bring them to the fore of his mind, but realised quite quickly that it is actually therapeutic.  Personally, I have been very grateful for your empathy, your willingness to be so flexible when he's not been well enough to come along and your support for me - the non-client!!  I have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so."

"I am feeling very settled and grounded and have no lurking health anxieties. I found our sessions incredibly helpful and feel a sense of a burden being lifted.  Thank you so much for providing such a safe space and journeying with me."

"I want to thank you Faye, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me get through what was one of the worst times of my life, when I had no hope and could not see a future. I was at the very edge of things and the help you gave me meant that I was able to get through it. It could have very easily gone a different way, and very nearly did. Also, you didn't just make a difference to my life, but in guiding me through that horrible time you've made an extremely positive difference to my wife, my little boys and my sister's lives, along with many others. So thank you."

"I would like to thank you for your kind and caring approach towards my "issues".  I have seen other counsellors in the past, but not felt the confidence to open up in the same way that I did with you.  This is a testament to how comfortable you made me feel.  Secondly you were realistic about my goals and didn't get my hopes up to expect too much too soon. I still feel (rightly or wrongly) that my situation is very "small fry" in comparison to the huge issues that other people face.  You made it perfectly clear that no matter how big or small the problem was, it could be broken down and talked about and ideas put in to place to help."

"I have suffered anxiety on and off for over 30 years in which time I have self helped my way through it all by endlessly researching information and techniques to overcome it. Faye was able to get me over some final hurdles and has left me feeling, at long last, anxiety free. Fayes advice, techniques, reassurance and sympathetic ear were such a tremendous help and I would advise anyone feeling scared (as I did) about facing up to anxiety and seeking help, not to, as it was one of the most beneficial, positive things I’ve ever done."

"As a parent of a child with mental illness I would recommend you at the drop of a hat to anyone who was considering counselling, CBT etc.

The way you explained to my daughter what and why she was suffering the mental illness that she was, was fantastic. She knew for the first time in years why she felt the way she did. She no longer felt crazy, weak or weird! You also explained everything in a manner that a teenager could grasp. Not once did you use the line "I've dealt with lots of teenagers the same as you" because you understand that everyone is different and no two people react in the same way. You gave her hope of "a better day",  "a way forward" and most importantly of "a life" because that is what you did, you helped her want to live again. I wonder if you know the full impact you have on a person/family when they are in the darkest part of their life? Thank you doesn't seem enough but thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me save my daughter!"

"Thank you for all your support and expertise through a particularly challenging time in my life; your positivity, empathetic encouragement, technique and advise was a lifeline to me. I felt enabled and my confidence increased in using 'tools' to help when I was experiencing stress and panic responses. From my first contact with you I found your approach empowering and welcoming; you endeavoured to put me at ease and tailored the sessions to meet my needs.
I would recommend your help to anyone experiencing anxiety, debilitating stress or similar difficulties."

"It is rare to find a counselling and therapy professional so engaging and supportive as Faye. I have just come to the end of my sessions with Faye and could not recommend her skills and services to anyone more highly. She is friendly, yet professional, supportive yet does not collude and is gently challenging....a combination of values and characteristics which were perfect for me. Working within the mental health profession myself I needed someone I could trust and someone I could confide in, Faye offers both. Whilst I really do miss our fortnightly sessions, I feel that she has equipped me really well for my next chapter. Thank you Faye."

"For a while I had been dealing with the effects of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) on my own, and mentioned some traits & fears I had to a medical friend. They recommended I go and see Faye.  So I arrived at Faye's counselling rooms through "word of mouth". She was very professional, helpful, kind & friendly and through a series of sessions I have come to terms with events in my life and now try to live a more balanced, serene & "lighter" existence. I have come away with some useful techniques that I can deploy in times of stress & tension; like keeping things in the moment & a clever little exercise where one listens to ones breathing and becomes aware of surroundings, sounds, sights ...... like a mini meditation to centre oneself. So thank you Faye."

"I would highly recommend Faye. At first I was nervous about seeing someone to talk to. But Faye made it easy. She helped me overcome my fears and has taught me to embrace the person that I am. Thanks to her I am more confident and truly happy. Faye's so wonderful at what she does because she carries out her work from her heart, she takes pride in what she does. She truly enjoys helping others"

"Your excellent work has been a Godsend - thank you. It has given me a boost after a low period and helped me get things in perspective. I'm so glad I "found you" as it were. You are a very understanding and caring person with a gift for what you do - thank you again."

"Faye, I'm so grateful to you. Meeting you was such a great experience and just at the right time. It helped so much to process and organise my emotions to get into the calm relaxed state I wanted to be in for the birth.Thanks again for everything, it really was very special."

"I just felt that I needed to e mail you Faye, I walked into your room tense, angry, upset and stretched!!  I walked out, and back to my office breathing, walking with purpose and positivity!!  I walked tall and just wanted to say thank you really!
 You have such a non judgemental, caring and compassionate nature and I am so grateful for your skilled time and care. I look forward to our sessions and get so much from them."

"A friend handed Faye’s business card to me at a time in my life when I was really struggling. I have to admit I was nervous and also unsure of whether she would be able to help. This was coupled with the nagging thought that only REALLY troubled people go to counselling.  However within 10 minutes of seeing Faye, I knew I had made the right decision, in fact my only thought was why hadn’t I seen her earlier. Her ability to make you feel at ease, her empathy, understanding and remarkable way of helping you see your problem, perhaps from a different angle or at least untangle the confusion was so enlightening. My weekly visits were a total breath of fresh air. Everyone needs a Faye at some point in their life…"

"Hypnotherapy guided me to a sanctuary of peace and serenity; a place I created for positive thoughts and an escape from the busy world we live in. I now regularly use the relaxation techniques at home to continue experiencing the pure delight of feeling totally at ease..."

"I found my counselling with you a positive & beneficial experience. You brought things out of my inner self which I had been struggling with for many years. I felt I connected with You as a person which was important for me to get the most out of the sessions. Though it was hard and mentally exhausting it made me feel like I had discovered something new about myself & made me feel like a braver person."

"I have had 3 sessions with Faye for coping with a general anaesthetic, which is a real phobia for me. This week was the D Day - and I absolutely sailed through it! I put into practice everything Faye and I had planned, and I was calm and composed the whole way through, even my blood pressure didn't increase, and there were no tears, let alone hysterics.

One thing I would say is that hypnotherapy isn't done TO you, it's done WITH you - and MUST be practised over and over for it to become something you can put into place when you need it. So 3 sessions with Faye - but about 33 of practice. So worth it!

I have found the strength to be able to calm myself and get in the right place by myself, and it is a skill I now have for life."

"The time I spent in counselling with you was very helpful in enabling me to think about the roots of my fears and to find ways to help me manage my anxiety about driving. Although this has not been conquered entirely, my general anxiety has lessened a great deal and I am much less 'afraid of the fear' than I once was."

"Faye is just the right person in the right job. She is instantly reassuring, naturally friendly, attentive, professional at all times and takes time to get to the root of the problem. She is a very patient person who obviously enjoys her work and has a very positive and sunny disposition. I gained much from our sessions and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking help through hypnosis. Faye even managed to cope with my terrible sense of humour."

"....(in) your support to us,  you have been brilliant, always on the end of a phone whenever we need you. Right from our very first meeting we felt so comfortable with you - which was, as you said, so very important. This is why 'it' has worked so well. Thank you for being there!!"

"I have told numerous friends and acquaintances about the wonderful work you do and encouraged them to try it for themselves. The consultant and my GP were both very impressed too.You helped enormously. It was not easy for me as a man of  65+ to open up to a stranger and a woman too, but your empathy and understanding enabled me to overcome my fears and explore reasons for my bladder problem. I was anxious about being "put under" and what might be revealed through our discussions, but I need not have worried as you gently talked me through the process and provided reassurance throughout. I also appreciated your help with getting my body and mind to relax and "float away", and I will always remember the aide-memoire of the postcard on your notice board and your soothing voice as you talked me into a state of total relaxation."  


Call Faye on:
01749 671170

  • Strict confidentiality
  • Experienced therapist
  • Specialist in anxiety, panic, phobias and bereavement
  • Counselling and telephone counselling offered
  • Central Wells location
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