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Telephone counselling can make counselling services more accessible and convenient, so people who don't live locally to Wells, Somerset, can receive the help and support they need. It is becoming an increasingly popular way to receive therapy now that modern daily life can make it hard to attend visits to a counsellors office. By using telephone counselling, you don't even have to live locally to your counsellor any more.

Those of you with busy lives, disabilities or disorders such as agoraphobia, may have felt that by being unable to physically attend appointments, access to therapy has been difficult for you. But by receiving counselling over the phone, you are now able to access a trained, accredited counsellor from the comfort of your own home.

Telephone counselling works much the same way as traditional 'Face to Face' counselling would, but sessions are conducted over the phone. It can be used to work through all the issues that traditional counselling does. For more information on the counselling process itself and what issues it can help with, click on the 'Counselling' page on this site. On my part as the therapist, a slightly different skill set may be needed when counselling over the phone, in comparison to working with my clients in the office; but from your point of view as my client, there is little difference. You will still find me to be a non-judgemental, impartial, supportive counsellor ready to listen to you and support you. The beauty is, you can even call me from anywhere in the country, if you feel my services are best suited to your needs.

Rules of confidentiality and my duty of care to you remain the same. Even though therapy is conducted over the phone, the strict code of ethics by which I am bound, still applies.

How Does Telephone Counselling Work?

Telephone counselling is scheduled in just the same way as conventional face-to-face counselling. After an initial consultation we will arrange a set of appointments, usually on a weekly basis, at a time and day convenient to you. You will then call me at the office - 01749 671170 - at the arranged time and our session will proceed for the usual hour.

The only slight difference will be that of payment. As we will not physically meet each other, payment will be required before each session via BACS. For more information about fees, go to the page 'Contact Me / Fees' on this site.

What to do Next

If you think telephone counselling may be perfect for your needs, simply call me on 01749 671170, or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your free initial consultation.


COVID-19 Notice

Rest assured, in response to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines, all counselling support is now offered remotely by telephone, to ensure your safety

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